Upgrade your Mac

Upgrade your Mac, with Bytestock

Everyone knows about Apple right? No not the fruit, the massive tech brand based out of California. In recent years, the number of Apple customers has grown year on year. And while that’s great for the company, the customers are often left with no room for negotiation. Not able to customise their Mac’s or upgrade to cater to their changing workloads.

The average laptop has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. After this, Apple leave you no choice but to buy a new one. And this, as you know, can be extremely costly! Apple products cost anywhere between £1000, all the way up to £10,000 or more.

It’s no secret that Apple products tend to slow down after owning them for a year or more.

How can Bytestock help?

Here at Bytestock, we’ve got the solution. And that doesn’t mean forking out for a new laptop! Instead of buying a new laptop, why not add a few extra years onto its lifespan by upgrading the hardware within it. At Bytestock, we now offer a huge range of stock of memory and CPUs for your MacBook and iMac.

Below is a full list of the compatible hardware components we offer that will upgrade your Mac, or any other Apple device you own. Simply get in touch with our team who can help diagnose the problem you’re having, and give your device a few extra years of life.


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