IT procurement problems

Budget – Post covid requirements have increased, however budgets remain limited. How can you maximise your budget? During and post lockdown, IT Managers have had many immediate and long-term obstacles they have needed to overcome. PC’s, Laptop’s, VPN, VOIP phones, System upgrades, the list goes on and on. After the dust has settled, what does […]

A rise in demand for processors

demand for processors

Higher demands for processors Here at Bytestock, we’ve seen a huge rise in demand for processors. Processors sit at the core of any computing device and are a key component of the system’s motherboard. This means there is always a demand for chips, but with the current shortage, we’ve seen an even bigger demand. Chip […]

5 Reasons to Choose Bytestock

Bytestock is one of Europe’s largest stockists of new and refurbished IT hardware, and have been supplying bespoke solutions to SME’s and corporations across the world for over 15 years. With over £6M in stock at any one time, we offer the highest-quality, refurbished IT hardware. Here are 5 reasons why Bytestock is the preferred supplier of IT hardware to thousands of companies across the world: 1. Save […]

The Basics of RAM

Basics of RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM), commonly referred to as just ‘memory’, is a high-speed component that temporarily stores information the CPU needs to work its way through. The data stored in RAM can be accessed within milliseconds, unlike hard-drives which work on sequential access. RAM helps prevent the CPU from having to dig through the hard-drive or SSD every time a command is given, meaning it can process instructions as […]

SSDs v HDDs – Which is Best For You?


Everyone knows the issue: you’re working along on your PC when, suddenly, a small notification pops up; “Your hard drive is almost full”. You try clearing out the hard drive to free up some space but, even after removing those old photos and random video files, you’re still not able to save that presentation you’ve been working on for the last 3 hours. It’s time for […]

CPU and GPU – What’s The Difference?

CPU v GPU - What's the difference?

CPU  Responsible for processing and executing instructions, the central processing unit (CPU) communicates with other parts of your device and is vital to the computing process. The CPU has 3 stages – to fetch, decode, and execute an instruction. The instructions come from the user or active software programs, from starting up, shutting down, and everything in-between. It performs the arithmetical, logical, […]

What is a CPU Processor?

What is a CPU Processor?

A CPU (Central Processing Unit), or simply ‘processor’, is the core component of any computing device; the brain, if you will. It sits in a socket on the system’s motherboard and processes the billions of calculations required to run a computer. It works alongside the other components, including the memory (RAM), which temporarily stores information […]